Funding Circle – 6 Month Results

6 Month Results

The results are in for the first half of investing through the Funding Circle platform and the headlines are as follows –

Expected ROI 6.50%
Actual ROI 5.62%
No. Live loan parts 10
No. Loan repayments overdue 0

When i started investing on the Funding Circle platform you had the option to choose what to to invest in with a variable return based on risk level. This was the case right up until the 18th September 2017 (2 weeks shy of the half year review) so for the purposes of this review I will still assess based on the the original format. As you can see I had 10 loan parts invested in and all 10 performed as expected with none showing signs of default or late payments.

As for the interest rate the small discrepancy between expected and actual can be attributed to account roll up (deposits/investments being accepted, not falling on the optimum day of the month) which is to be expected with manual investments. The second reason for the discrepancy is the £20 minimum investment. This is a mixed blessing because it means there’s usually a residual cash balance (below £20) in the account, good because you can withdraw a little at any time without having to wait for a whole principal repayment, downside would be, it is effectively dead cash ie. not earning interest while it rebuilds to £20 which stunts your interest maximisation.

The changes Funding Circle brought in September basically took away the manual investment option. So you can no longer choose what to invest in, a deposit is just split evenly over the risk range for you, either ‘balanced’ for an estimated 7.5% return or ‘conservative’ for an estimated 4.8% return. Same with selling, you just choose the amount you want to sell and the platform will decide where to sell it from. However the £20 minimum investment remains in place.

In conclusion I’m fairly satisfied with the results so far, no defaults, return is as expected. Minor annoyance with £20 min investment but I get from Funding Circles perspective, it’s to keep transactions down and cost on their end. Role on the 2nd half.

Referral Link For Funding Circle

This link provides a referral bonus of £100 Amazon gift card when a new customer signs up and invests £2000 for a full calendar month using the link (T&C’s apply). The bonus is split £50 gift card to the new customer and £50 gift card to Any bonuses received by this blog go towards the cost of maintaining an advert free blog and will be warmly appreciated.

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