Bricklane – 12 Month Results

12 Month Results

The first year results for investing through Bricklane are as follows –

Expected ROI (Annualised) 5.00%
Actual ROI (Annualised) 1.51%

It’s a little difficult to set an Expected ROI with Bricklane as it has a 2.00% deposit fee, meaning if you deposit a large volume in sort time you will end up with negative return so I have taken 5.00% Expected ROI form their own marketing material.

My Actual ROI is 1.51% for the year for exactly the reason explained above, this is for the Regional Capital Fund only as I do not participate in the London Fund.  The underlying growth (excluding deposit fee) is actually around the 7.00% mark. Of course you can argue Bricklane is not strictly P2P as it’s actually an REIT but I value its place for diversification within my portfolio and it dose meet several of the traditional P2P definitions.

It has been a good year for Bricklane with sustained growth in both rental income and property prices, with properties being added to fund at a reasonable pace : Regional Fund Property value c£9,000,000, London Fund Property value c£4,500,000.  However I’ll be closing out 2018 and going in to 2019 with moderated expectations as many in the property industry are predicting minimal growth or even a small retraction in house prices in 2019.

In conclusion I will continue to add to funds to Bricklane over the next year with a degree of caution and hope for an improved outcome over expectations. I view Bricklane as a longer term investment, over ten years, so sort term returns at this stage are less relevant that other P2P platforms.

Referral Link for Bricklane

This link provides a referral bonus of £225 when a new customer signs up and invests £5000 using the link (T&C’s apply). The bonus is split £125 to the new customer and £100 to Any bonuses received by this blog go towards the cost of maintaining an advert free blog and will be warmly appreciated.

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