We Lend Us – 6 Month Results

6 Month Results

The first results for the first 6 months of lending through the We Lend Us platform are as follows –

Expected ROI (Annualised) 12.00%
Actual ROI (Annualised) 6.70%

It’s not been a bad start to my lending journey with We Lend Us. The expected ROI is the average of my lending setting for my required return. The actual ROI might not look too good in comparison but in this time I adjusted my portfolio allocation meaning I lost one months provision fund (PF) payment on the balance. Had i not made the adjustment the ROI would have been c.8.00%. What i did find a little frustrating was there was no reference to this loss of PF payment as a result of such amendments on the site (at least at the time), I also emailed to query this lost payment at the time and received no response. As I direct result I allocated funds elsewhere in the following few months.

My We Lend Us return is on track to grow to double digits for the full year and could prove to be one of the strongest performers with-in my portfolio. When i started with We Lend Us their entire loan book totaled £32,000, by the end of month 6 this had grown to c£700,000. We Lend Us made an announcement recently that the Provision Fund Purchase Delay would be set to 35 days as of mid January 2019 for everybody, this is significantly more than my current setting and I await the impact this move will have on returns over the coming months.

So in conclusion, despite the minor communication issue I am still relatively happy with We Lend Us and look forward to future growth in 2019.

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